The College of Business Education (CBE) was established in 1965 by the Act of Parliament No. 31 of 1965.  Among other many things that CBE has done, is guaranteeing a better learning environment by providing students with facilities, including libraries in all campuses.  In time to time CBE libraries undergo several transformations in meeting and fulfilling college vision and mission.  Previously, the college had only two libraries in Dar-es-Salaam and Dodoma campuses, which had only three professional staff with 15,000 titles of which most of them were outdated.  But currently, libraries have increased number of librarians up to eighteen professional staff with about 24,000 update collection. 

Also, CBE libraries have shifted from manually service provision to the automated services, this is basically done since the college adopted ICT to facilitate teaching and learning. Therefore, libraries got an opportunity enabling them in enhancing users’ on accessibility of electronic resources from different reputable databases. All CBE campus library have connected to the internet services.  In addition, the Dar es Salaam campus library had establishing the Entrepreneur Resources Centre (ERC) to promote the use of electronic resources.  In line with that, all libraries are adopted Koha as an open and integrated library system to promote the used and management of available information.

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